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Eric J. Taipale

Science Writer and Columnist


Eric J. Taipale is a Toronto-based syndicated science writer and columnist who mainly writes on subjects relating to psychiatry and mental health sciences. Eric's first article on ancient headbinding was published in Discover in January of 2022. Since then, his work has graced the covers of magazines worldwide—appearing both online, in print, and in different languages—in New Scientist, Gehirn Und Geist, and Psychology Today, where he writes a column called “Young Minds and Crime,” which analyzes crucial topics pertaining to child and adolescent forensic psychiatry. He is also a regular contributor to The Open Notebook’s "Pitch Database" and emphasizes the importance of fueling fellow writers. Eric is also the founding editor of his science-focused blog, Modern Psychiatry, which discusses the risk factors, cognitive and behavioural abnormalities, and treatment methods associated with psychopathology. In July 2022, he was featured as a guest on Audacy's Channel Q podcast, "Let's Go There," with Ryan Mitchell and Shira Lazar.

Office: +1 (905) 550-6537

Twitter: @ericjtaipale



The Open Notebook's "Pitch Database"

Modern Psychiatry

Low Birth Weight Linked to Aggression and Hyperactivity, Study Finds - Aug 29, 2022

Psychology Today


Gehirn Und Geist


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