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Eric J. Taipale is a Canadian syndicated science writer and columnist who mainly writes on subjects relating to psychology and mental health sciences. Since first publishing his work in Discover on the cultural origins of head binding, Eric's stories have graced the covers of magazines worldwide—appearing both online, in print, and in different languages—in New Scientist, Gehirn Und Geist, and Psychology Today. At Psychology Today, he writes a column called “Young Minds and Crime,” which analyzes crucial topics pertaining to child and adolescent forensic psychiatry. Throughout his career in science writing, Eric has been privileged to have interviewed countless highly-respected professionals in the field of clinical, forensic, and child and adolescent psychology and psychiatry. Operating with sensitivity, confidentiality, and mindfulness, Eric has also independently interviewed homicide offenders who have been involved in publicized cases across the United States and victims of violence.


Bachelors of Arts (Hon.) in Psychology, Queen's University at Kingston, 2023- (in progress)



Tel: +1 (905) 550-6537

Eric J. Taipale

Science Writer and Columnist

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